About Me

I paint. And I do a lot of other things, but painting gives me the most satisfaction, except maybe music and working with plants. My father was an artist, so I learned to love painting from birth. I don't consider myself an artist, because I hate that term now, it is so misused. It means nothing, or anything. Mike Nevelson (one of my many mentors) called himself an image maker, I call myself a visionary creator or Imaginarian, you can call yourself anything you want. We all have a fragment of the first creative spark in us, and those of us who are fueled by it just can't stop making things. Creation is the only category that works for me.


In much of my work, I allude to the almost recognizable, but hold back just enough to keep it ambiguous. I believe there is more power in suggestion than in merely rendering, more depth in imagination than in illustration. And of course I am obsessed with the power of color.



Solo Shows

2019             Northeast Millerton Library, Millerton, NY

2019             Born to be Wild, Kent Memorial Library, Kent, CT
2014             Downloads, Newsroom Cafe, Register Citizen lobby, Torrington, CT
2013             Visions, New Milford Public Library, New Milford, CT
2012             Trancendental Landcapes , The Gallery, NCCC, Winsted, CT
2010             The Keys to My Dream, Warner Theatre Atrium, Torrington, CT
2008              A Backdrop of Silence, Warner Theatre Atrium Gallery, Torrington, CT
2008              Materialism, Artwell Gallery, Torrington, CT
1999              Visions from Silent Time, Burnham Library,Bridgewater,CT
1998              Landscape of Visions, Cornwall Free Library, Cornwall, CT

  Group Shows


2019            5 Points Gallery Annex, Torrington, CT  juried show
2018            5 Points Gallery Annex, Torrington, CT  holiday show
2018            Trinity Gallery, Lime Rock, CT  Juried Show
2018             Noble Horizons, Salisbury, CT  14th Colony Artists
2013             ReInstitute, Millerton, NY  14th Colony Artists
2011             Art for Clearwater, First Street Gallery NYC, invitational
2009             Keeping Time, Risley Gallery, Litchfield, CT, two-man joint show
2008             Two Spaces, NCCC A&S Bldg, Winsted, CT
2008             Textural Treasures, Windham Arts Collaborative, Willimantic, CT
2007/2008      50/50, Travelling digital exposition
2007              Transformations, ALL Gallery, Erector Square, New Haven, CT   
2005              Mindfingers, digital art installation, Artwell Gallery, Torrington, CT
2004              Art Folk, Artwell Gallery, Torrington, CT
2001-2007       New Work and various themes, Artwell Gallery, Torrington, CT
2000              Good, Bad and Ugly, Periodic Art, Stonington,CT
2000              York Street Cinema Gallery, New Haven, CT
1999               mandalas, Outsiders Art Gallery, Litchfield, CT, part of gallery exhibit
1999               Mysteries, Risley Gallery, Forman School, Litchfield, CT

  Curator of Shows (photography)

2009                An Exquisite Sense of Light, Artwell Gallery, Torrington, CT
2008                Edge, Artwell Gallery, Torrington, CT
2007                Captured Moments, Artwell Gallery,Torrington, CT